Sunday League Football

May 09, 2018

Billingham The Lion FC v TS1 Tees Valley FC

An truly epic game for the last match of the season. Both teams were out to win. The lions strted quick to get a two goal head start. But, after the initial pace of the home team, TS1 changed gears and gained control of the match and controlled the midfield area to develop their chances going forward. TS1 were awarded a penalty after one of the attackers was deemed to be pushed in the box. The penalty was converted and the scores were now 2-1. The lions roared and managed to gain another quick goal after an error by the TS1 defence. Soon after the TS1 right winger took a shot from outside the box and scored a magnificent goal, 3-2. TS1 controlled the second half with many chances but didnt capitalise. Best game of the season - Billinghm The Lion FC 3-2 TS1 Tees Valley FC

April 30, 2018

Eston & Normanby Social Club FC v TS1 Tees Valley FC

A windy start to the game with the ball swirling in the air. TS1 quickly realised the key was to lay it along the ground. Several chances were created by the TS1 attack, but did not convert the chances. 0-0 at half time. The second half the TS1 picked up from the first half and scored from a three pass combination from the defence, into the midfield and a quick pass across the goal, with a finish to savour, 0-1. TS1 scored again shortly after from another cross into the box. A good and deserved result - Eston & Normanby Social Club FC 0-2 TS1 Tees Valley FC

April 28, 2018

TS1 Tees Valley FC v Riverside FC

Wonderful weather to get the game started and the football didnt disappoint. TS1 contolled the game with most of the possession in midfield and had many opportunities in the first half. They scored from a well worked move from the wing. The ball was crossed from the right and the central midfielder shot from outside the box and scored in the top right corner, the keeper didnt even move! Second half the visitors improved with some good football in the midfield. But, TS1 flowed the better of the two teams and scored from an error from the visitors defence and keeper, the forward who was subbed just minutes before scored the TS1 second. The visitors had a corner towards the end and scored from a header flick on and received a consellation goal. A solid performance from the TS1 Team - TS1 Tees VAlley FC 2-1 Riverside FC

April 23, 2018

TS1 Tees Valley FC V Stillington Royal FC

TS1 dominated the first tweny minutes with a barrage of assaults. But the Stillington keeper kept the shots out of the goal. Stillington pressed in the back end of the 1st half and scored with a lovely strike from the winger, to go 0-1 up. The 2nd half again, started well for the honme team, with three 1 on 1 attempts on goal from the attackers within 60 seconds, but unfortunately werent converted. Stillington pressed again and scored a second, to win the match - TS1 Tees Valley FC 0-2 Stillington Royal FC

April 16, 2018

Stillington Royal FC v TS1 Tees Valley FC

The game started off sluggish due to the muddy conditions. Stillington scored the get the game moving up in gears. TS1 had a few chances but the keeper was up for the task. THe home team scored again and were up 2-0 at half time. TS1 knew they had to pick up the pace to make sure they had a chance to earn something from the game, they did. A great ball through gave the attackers options and they scored.Stillington regained their 2 goal lead shortly after. TS1 fough back to 4-3 with 5 mutes to go. A fantastic threaded ball through cut the Stillington defence and the stiker got the precious goal to earn a well desrved draw - Stillington Royal FC 4-4 TS1 Tees Valley FC

January 01, 2020

TS1 Tees Valley FC 3-2 RSD FC

The visitors attacked from a counterstrike and were awarded a penalty and scored. They scored shortly after with a quick one two pass and were two up at half time, The home team were in control of the game and scored with a well worked move from the back. A second was quickly scored again by TS1, to take the game to 2-2. TS1 piled the pressure onto the visitors and kept possession of the ball for long periods, but another lobbed forward ball caught the defenders off guard and the visitors scored to win - TS1 Tees Valley FC 2-3 RSD FC

April 04, 2018

TS1 Tees Valley FC v Billingham The Lion FC

A game against the Top Team of the League began quickly in favour of TS1 with a few shots on goal. The forwards pressed but didnt capitalise on the opportunities presented. Billingham then changed the game with successive goals with counterstrikes. The visitors were 3-0 up at half time. Billingham began as they finished the first half and scored three more. TS1 pulled one back but the Lions scored again soon after, twice - TS1 Tees Valley 1-7 Billingham The Lion FC

March 31, 2018

TS1 Tees Valley FC v Stockton Sun Inn FC

A brisk Sunday morniing to start the game. TS1 pressed from the off, but the visitors scored after a counterstrike by their midfield. TS1 quickly replied with two goals to go in the half time. Sleet and snow welcomed the players return and TS1 began as they had and capitalised with two good goals to go 4-1 up with 10 minutes to go. The match looked over and the home team took the pedal off the pressure and the loss of concentration cost them two successive goals within a minute. The home team kept the ball and earned the win - TS1 Tees Valley 4-3 Stockton Sun Inn FC

March 11, 2018

TS1 Tees VAlley FC v Fornaby FC

A game that was played end to end with lots of goal and action! TS1 started quickly and were awarded a penalty shortly after Banksy ran into the box and was brough down by the defender. The penalty was taken and converted, to take TS1 into the lead. A lapse in concentration in the TS1 defence allowed the visitors to score twice in a spate of two minutes. Half time, TS1 were down 1-2. The home team again started quickly and scored another to take it level. Many more chances were created by the home team but they were not able to convert them. A share of the spoils for the teams! - TS1 Tees Valley FC 2v2 Fornaby FC

January 01, 2020

Fornaby FC v TS1 Tees Valley FC

A quick start from the home team, kick started the TS1 players into a fiery start. TS1 went close twice, within 10 minutes. The home team then took charge and scored their first goal. Ten minutes later, the referee blew for a penalty, after the TS1 forward was brought down in the box, penalty! The midfielder took it and scored in the bottom left, 1-1. Second half the TS1 team continued where they had left off and charged the home team with attacking football and scored two more. A clash of heads stopped the game for ten minutes and finished with a strong win for the visitors - Fornaby FC 1-3 TS1 Tees Valley FC

February 18, 2018

Stockton Sun Inn FC v TS1 Tees Valley FC

A good game today at Stockton Sun Inn FC in Tilery. The home team started strongly and put TS1 on the back foot straight away. TS1 soaked up the pressure for 20 minutes and counterstruck with a long ball forward to the striker. He paced past the keeper to score and take the away side in to a lead. Again, the home team pressed and were left open at the back. The TS1 midfield channeled a quick pass to the winger who darted forward and lobbed the keeper to go 2-0 ahead. The home team attacked again and pulled one back before at half time. The second half the away team pressed again and score three in succession. TS1 pushed players forward to score another and the game finished with a home team win - Stockton Sun Inn FC  4v2 TS1 Tees Valley FC

February 04, 2018

Storytellers FC v TS1 Tees Valley FC

A sunny day was the perfect setting for a nice game of football. Unfortunately the pich was very boggy and muddy from the rain, the night before. Nevertheless the game started off well and TS1 dominated most of the first half. The second half started off scrappy and the home team scored identical goals twice from the same player in the box. TS1 rallied again to pull a goal back after applying constant pressure on the home defence. There were several more chances, but TS1 couldnt capitalise - Storytellers FC 2-1 TS1 Tees Valley FC

January 28, 2018

TS1 Tees Valley FC v Thornaby Sports & Leisure

TS1 FC paced away to take the game to the visitors. Chance after chance was not finished by the forwards for TS1, with many potential goals going wide or over the bar. To be fair the windy condition didnt help. But the front men went 1-0 up after 20 minutes and scored another very shortly after, to go 2-0 up at half time. The wind was behind the visitors and they pressing the action after half time. TS1 rallied with their wingers with a great cross the the left wing, the striker half vollied the ball and thrashed it into the net, 3-0. The visitors were starting to lose the wind in their sails and managed to get 1 goal towards the end. But a well played game for the home team - TS1 Tees Valley FC 3-1 Thornaby Sports & Leisure

January 14, 2018

TS1 Tees Valley FC v Billingham Cowpen Club

A confident start by the home team, TS1. They put the visitors on the back foot from the moment the whistle blew. Billingham Cowpen Club currently in 2nd position in the league above TS1 were pushed onto the back foot with some neat play by the TS1 midfield. Billingham scored from a free kick after communication broke down for the first time in the match for TS1 and it cost dearly. The score 0-1 was against the play action, but a goals a goal. The winger on the TS1 side made a darting run down the wing and crossed the ball in to the visitors box and the defender headed into his own goal. 1-1 at half time and still TS1 had plenty of chances but werent able to convert. 2 minutes to go and the visitors managed to get a strike from inside the box resulting in a goal. Plenty of chances for the home team, need to convert them - TS1 Tees Valley FC 1-2 Billingham Cowpen FC

January 01, 2020

TS1 Tees Valley FC v The Griffin FC

An exhilerating start by both teams after the holiday break. An even game at half time with the visitors 1-2 up. A great push after half time by TS1 pushed the visitors further back and back. The centre forward for TS1 caused lots problems for the defenders and scored 4 goals in quick succession to take the home team 4-2 up. The Griffin scored a quick goal in response and were a goal behind with 2 minutes and 2 added minutes. But the TS1 ralied and the game was well in control towards the end. A super pass from the right back to the forward was rewarded with a goal. A well worked match and fair result in the end - TS1 Tees VAlley 5-3 The Griffin FC

December 17, 2017

TS1 Tees Valley FC v Trafalgar FC

North Riding Sunday Challenge Cup - A big game for the TS1 FC team as visitors Trafalgar FC are the top team in the Scarborough & District Scarborough News Sunday League. The home team started off quick and built on their tempo with a fast pacy goal, from a cross coming in from the left by the winger and converted by the stiker. There was another opportunity shortly after, but was well saved by the keeper. At half time the match was poised at 2-2 and was set for an electric second half full of action. Again the TS1 had a super start and attacked the visitors goal with a number of shots on target and some great saves by their keeper. A darting movement by the wing back penetrated the Trafalgar defence, he shoots, takes a deflection, the keepers rooted to the ground and watches the ball fly over him and into the net, Goal! 3-2 ahead and the home teams in front again. The visitors pressed and had some wonderful interlink play, but were thwarted twice by the TS1 keeper, with some special saves. With 5 minutes to go, the game was alost in the bag. A few substitution proved critical for the TS1 team. TS1 brought on fresh legs for the final minutes but the visitors capitalised and scored 2 quick successive goals to go into the league with 2 minutes to play. A thoroughly good game - TS1 Tees VAlley FC 3 - 4 Trafalgar FC

November 26, 2017

TS1 Tees Valley FC v Eaglescliffe FC

A dominant performance for the home team, TS1. They were quick out of the blocks from the begining and created lots of chances in the first half. The 3-3-4 system worked well with the front three playing well with one another. The first half finished 0-0 and the home team will have been dissapointed to have not gone in ahead. The whistle started the second half with the wind now behind the home team. They began quickly and continued the script as in the first half. Isam, Dhanish and Michael (Scouse) really did create lots of problems for the visiting defenders. TS1 made a few substitutions and scored shortly via sub.  Arafat with a perfectly guided touch over the keeper. Another goal was scored from a free kick, headed in by sub. Ajy, which ultimately sealed the game. The score reflected the performance by the defenders who managed to keep the visitors from having too many opportunities to shoot on target - TS1 Tees VAlley FC 2-0 Eaglescliffe FC

November 19, 2017

RSD FC v TS1 Tees Valley FC

A thrilling first half, the home team played well and took the lead after a steady 20 minutes. TS1 created many chances but werent able to convert the opportunities they had. RSD scored two successive goals to go up 3-0 at half time. The second half was a different story and RSD seemed to lose their spark. TS1 were having their second wind and applied the pressure on the home team and scored from outside the box, in the form of a free kick by Chubzy - a fantastic strike! The visitors were well in control of the game and scored shortly after with a free kick from Essam. A strike that the defence and keeper couldnt stop and the ball finished in the bottom right of the goal. Plenty of chances again created by TS1. The game finished a win to the home team - RSD FC 3-2 TS1 Tees Valley FC

November 12, 2017

Marton Rovers v TS1 Tees Valley FC

A minute silence was observed to commemorate Armistice Day at 10.30am, just before the commencement of the game. It was clear sky with a slightly windy and bitterley cold morning. The visitors started strongly with plenty of chances created for the forwards to score, but the finishing wasnt to point. The home team scored successively and had a 2-0 lead going in to half time. The TS1 team changed the strategy and forwards around and it appearded to work. They pressed the game and were a changed team! going up in gears in team play, pace and efficiency. 4 quick goals by the forwards rocketed the team into the lead and a win. The home team scored again to pull it back to 3-4, but the TS1 team controlled the remaining game and won - Marton Rovers 3-4 TS1 Tees Valley FC

November 05, 2017

TS1 Tees Valley FC v Carlin How

A highly competitive game with at least 8 chances TS1 had and were unable to convert in the first half hour. Carlin How scored 2 quick goals to take the lead, shortly after. TS1 pulled a goal back after half time to go 1-3 behind. A reshuffle in defence caused the TS1 defence to lose concentration and a ready to pounce visitors team capitalised and scored 4 more goals in a spate of 10 minutes frm the TS1 lapse. The second half TS1 applied pressure with a new resolve. The forward substitutions paying off by scoring another 2 for TS1. The match finished - TS1 Tees Valley Sports FC 3v6 Carlin How

October 28, 2017

Riverside FC v TS1 Tees Valley FC

A good game played in Stockton against a well organised home team. TS1 were 3-1 down by the half time whistle and came out fighting, to bring the score line to 3-2. The home team rallied with some slick passing and countered the visitors with another goal to seal the game. Plent to look back on the for the TS1 team - Riverside FC 4-2 TS1 Tees Valley Sports

October 21, 2017

TS1 Tees Valley FCv Nifco FC

A windy day was the setting for the match today but that didnt dampen the teams passion to perform. TS1 took the early lead and pressed the game with the home advantage. A solid Nifco FC defence played well to keep out sevaral chances. Nifco FC rallied and equalised with a free kick with a great strike by the forward. A penalty was awarded to the home team and Chubzy took the honours and scored comfortably. The game finished 3 all with a share of the spoils - TS1 Tees Valley FC 3-3 Nifco FC

October 14, 2017

The George Pub & Grill v TS1 Tees Valley FC

Again, TS1 FC established themselves early in the game and pressed the opposition with several opportuinities in the first half. The second half players were creating spaces and options were given by midfielders to push the game into the opponents half. A penalty was awarded when a TS1 striker was brough down. Heskey converted the spot ball to take the lead. Shortly after a great through ball was served to Arafat (Fatti) and he struck it on the rise 1st time and scored a blazer past the keeper. The George Pub rallied and scored a goal towards the end, but TS1 had control of the game and were triumphant - The George Pub & Grill 1-2 TS1 Tees Valley FC

October 07, 2017

Marton Rovers v TS1 Tees Valley FC

A well deserved win today. TS1 were quick out of the blocks and put pressure on the home team straight away. With a quick paced attacking trio, TS1 quickly scored in succession and were 0-2 up at half time. Dhanish Hussain with a solid performance today - Marton Rovers 1-5 TS1 Tees Valley Sports FC

September 30, 2017

Thornaby Sports And Leisure v TS1 Tees Valley FC

Speed, Passing and some great set pieces all the way from start to finish in this exciting end to end match. Thornaby Sports And Leisure score twice just before the half time whistle to take the lead 2-0. TS1 rattle the post several times in the second half and have at least half a dozen chances to score but the opposition keeper pulled off some amazing saves to keep a clean sheet for the home team. TS1 pressure the second half with most of the game play but unable to convert the opportunities that were available - Thornaby Sports And Leisure 2v0 TS1 Tees Valley FC

September 23, 2017

The Griffin FC v TS1 Tees Valley FC

A fast paced, full of action, end to end match. TS1 were 1-2 up at half time. The Griffin team re grouped and were 4-2 ahead with 8 minutes to go. TS1 rallied and scored 2 goals in the last 4 minutes to earn a draw and take a point away with them - The Griffin FC 4-4 TS1 Tees Valley FC

September 16, 2017

TS1 Tees Valley FC v Eston & Normanby Social Club FC

A briliant game which had plenty of action and goals to match! a deserved draw - TS1 FC 4-4 Eston & Normanby Social Club FC

September 02, 2017

Nifco FC v TS1 Tees Valley FC

A solid game against a veteran team resulted in a tight game, but the players came out of the match with some fantastic experience - Nifco FC 4-2 TS1 Tees Valley FC

August 28, 2017

TS1 Tees Valley FC v Storytellers FC

A very energetic game from both sides with some wonderful gameplay. With a few strategical substititions the TS1 team overwhelmed the visiting team with a flurry of goals. Some shots and goals - TS1 Tees Valley FC 6-4 Storytellers FC

August 15, 2017

Stokesley (reserves) v TS1 Tees Valley FC

An exciting friendly with Stokesley Reserves at North Riding, Stokesley. A fantastic result fo the TS1 Tees Valley Team with a stylish win - Stokesley FC (reserves) 1-3 TS1 Tees Valley FC

August 19, 2017

TS1 Tees Valley FC v Marton Rovers

A tough match against a seasoned team. Brilliant experience for the team - TS1 Tees Valley FC 0-6 Marton Rovers

August 26, 2017

Eaglesscliffe FC v TS1 Tees Valley FC

Players are begining to find their feet and heads, a great result away - Eaglescliffe FC 3-9 TS1 Tees Valley FC

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